The finished product warehouse is the storage location of the company’s finished products. The main function is to be responsible for the delivery and storage of the company’s finished products. The finished product of an enterprise is the result of the company’s investment in a large amount of resources and the hard work of all employees. This is a valuable asset of the company. Therefore, the protection of the finished product warehouse is still very necessary. So how can we achieve a good protection function, here we have to mention a product that matches it-fabric roll up doors.

The fabric roll up door is a door used for warehouses and passages. The curtain of the fast door adopts the soft PVC wear-resistant coating base fabric imported from France. There are tear-resistant fibers inside, which can resist greater wind pressure. The structure of the curtain is a split curtain. There is no need to replace all of them, reducing maintenance costs. The bottom of the curtain adopts a soft bottom pocket design, which can fit all kinds of ground well. This also enables it to have better airtightness, ensuring the isolation of indoor and outdoor air. At the same time, it also meets one of the necessary conditions for the finished product warehouse.

The door box and motor cover adopt laser components, and the integrated structure is more perfect. Compared with ordinary high-speed doors, SEPPES fabric roll up doors have better sealing performance and less chance of dust entering. The utilization rate of high-speed doors in finished product warehouses is increasing, and there are more and more optimizations for them. The purpose is to better meet the requirements of the finished product warehouse. At the same time, the use of high-speed doors in other fields is also increasing.

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