pvc roll up doors is a necessary PVC shutter door in the factory building, the main role is to improve the internal environment of the factory building and relieve traffic pressure.

clean room fast door

The clean room PVC speed roller door installed inside the plant is mainly to improve the plant environment. For every country’s precision machinery industry, semiconductor industry and other factories must be installed clean room to improve the quality of products. So the industrial rapid door that needs to be installed in the clean room is also very important. Currently, fast roller shutter door in SEPPES are high speed pvc roll up door that can be installed in clean rooms. Seppes has cooperated with many cases of clean room pvc rapid rolling shutter door, and has been very mature in the installation technology and after-sales service of this section.

clean room rapid door

The fast door refers to the door that runs at a speed of more than 0.6 meters per second. It is a barrier-free isolation door for fast lifting. The main role is to play the role of rapid isolation.​‎
Fast door features: speed is fast, safe and reliable, and convenient, can prevent an outsider invasion at the same time, can withstand the weather changes, indoor and outdoor air convection can partition, is the foremost priority for industrial energy saving, consumption reduction, insulation, cold insulation, collision, insect-resistant, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent bad breath, lighting.

Many well-known companies look to Seppes to install high speed doors on their plants. A pharmaceutical manufacturer in the UK has chosen the high-speed door of Seppes for its clean room. Size 3x3M, speed required 1m/s, color blue.

Thank you very much for the trust of the British customer. I also hope to have more opportunities to cooperate with the factory to install the clean room high-speed door of Seppes in your factory.

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