aluminum rigid high speed door

Winter is approaching, and temperatures in many cities drop dramatically. Wind channeling inside the workshops of some manufacturing companies. In order to avoid this situation, many factories of manufacturing enterprises will install insulated speed door to protect against the cold. The insulated high speed door has the functions of wind resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, odor isolation, dust prevention, etc. It is very suitable for installation in workshops for thermal insulation. In addition to conventional workshops, special large-hole workshops such as steel manufacturing can be equipped with high speed stacking door for wind resistance. It can resist 11-level wind, maintain a constant temperature inside, and form a sealed working environment. If you want to prevent theft, you can also choose a high speed spiral door, and the thermal insulation level is improved again.

insulated speed door

SEPPES has stood out among many high-speed door manufacturers through continuous research and development, upgrading and optimization of products in the past ten years. Become a partner of many Fortune 500 companies such as Logitech, IKEA, Huawei, Volkswagen, and Ford.

SEPPES has a mature manufacturing level. It takes the lead in adopting the advanced fully automatic mechanized laser construction integrated forming technology, which is much more accurate than manual manual welding. Imported plastic powder coating frame, the appearance looks more atmospheric and beautiful. The door curtain, electric control, photoelectric and other important components are all brand names. The door curtain is clean and impact-resistant, and the electric control is intelligent and safe. You don’t have to worry about the door breaking after two or three years. The high-speed door installed by SEPPES ten years ago is still in normal operation, so the quality can be completely assured.

insulated speed door

In order to allow more enterprises to choose with confidence, SEPPES provides many value-added services. SEPPES products have passed the EU CE, SGS, CMA, CCC and other certifications, and the quality of the products has been guaranteed.

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