fast automatic roller doors

Food and beverage workshops often have high standards for environmental cleanliness. To keep the workshop temperature and humidity stable. It is necessary to use fast door to isolate the external environment and prevent the external environment from affecting production. For this reason, many food and beverage companies and factories choose fast doors as workshop doors. The fast automatic roller doors can quickly partition to keep clean and insulated, meeting the requirements for clean production.

fast automatic roller doors

What are the Advantages of Fast Automatic Roller Doors

Hermetic isolation of Fast Automatic Roller Doors

The door curtain is made of PVC material with surface self-cleaning function, which is wear-resistant and tear-resistant. Designed with a soft bottom pocket. It can fit all kinds of ground very well and play an excellent sealing role. There are double rows of deck brushes on both sides of the door curtain to fit closely with the door curtain. The indoor and outdoor air well isolated to ensure that the workshop environment is not affected by changes in external temperature and humidity.

Automatic opening method

In terms of the opening method, it can select automatic opening methods such as Bluetooth, geomagnetic, and radar. Compared with opening the door manually, it is more hygienic, reduces hand contact. And it greatly reduces the infection of bacteria between people.

Safety devices

In terms of safety performance, it equips with infrared safety photoelectric as standard. Optional safety bottom edge and safety light curtain are also available. Protect the transportation safety of staff and fully meet the requirements of safety supervision for safe production.

fast automatic roller doors

The fast automatic roller door plays an important role in the modern food production environment. It has multiple functions such as heat preservation, moisture retention, dust prevention, insect prevention, and sound insulation. It can maintain a constant temperature, constant humidity, and clean working environment in the workshop. The fast rolling door can also be widely used in medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical industry, automobile, textile, logistics and other fields. In order to achieve a safe, hygienic and energy-saving working environment, you can refer to the professional industrial door brand SEPPES. The high speed door have passed the EU CE and international SGS certification, and exported to more than 50 countries in Europe, the United States, Canada, France, Japan, etc. countries.

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