fast automatic roller doors

With the continuous improvement of production environment standards, heating and cooling equipment in storage places has become a standard accessory for many enterprises. Therefore, how to better reduce energy loss and introduce new energy-saving technologies has become a key issue for enterprises to consider in actual operation. The most effective method is to install energy-saving and efficient zipper fast automatic roller doors at important and frequent entrances and exits.

fast automatic roller doors

The functional characteristics of Fast Automatic Roller Doors with zipper structure

Self-healing Function of Fast Roller Doors

The fast automatic roller doors have a unique guide rail zipper design. And the curtain part does not have any hard materials. Not only can it prevent accidents from damaging the door curtain, but also improve the safety of anti-collision. Even in the event of curtain derailment, the self-healing system automatically guides the curtain back on the next operating cycle, making it extremely durable. And there is no need for manual repair, reducing labor costs.

Hermetic Isolation

The zipper structure design and the one-piece sealed door body, compared with the conventional brush structure fast door. The zipper structure can better seal, isolate dust. And better maintain the original temperature and cleanliness of the interior space of the building. Fast doors can minimize energy loss.

Open Quickly

The high-speed switching of the zipper fast door is another feature that it is suitable for storage places. The door curtain can be opened and closed quickly, which reduces the waiting time for getting in and out, and can greatly improve work efficiency.

fast automatic roller doors

For the goods that frequently come in and out of the storage place. Not only consider the energy saving and emission reduction of the enterprise. But also the load capacity of this logistics channel should be considered. In many cases, fast automatic roller doors are chosen to be installed on the logistics channel of the warehouse as a barrier to isolate the outside of the warehouse. If you are looking for high-quality zipper fast doors, you can consider the professional industrial door brand SEPPES. SEPPES products have EU CE certificates and insurance of 15 million yuan, has cooperated with Xinquan Automobile.

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