In China ,SEPPES brand is equire to Horman ,ASSA ABLOY,DORHAN,this is a stable and reliable brand in the industrial door field.Such as factory high speed door ,clean room fast door ,cold room insulated high speed door ,loading dock levelers ,dock shelters etc.

Nowdays, the SUS304/316 high speed door series are very hot -selling .The curtain of the stainless steel fast door is made of PVC wear-resistant base fabric. The color of the curtain can be selected. In the workshop, you can choose to customize the bright colors of yellow, orange, red, etc., which serves as a reminder, and the mosquitoes will not come close when they see it. The door frame is generally made of 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and anti-rust, which avoids the situation that the fast door is used for a long time in the workshop and the material of the door body falls off. When entering the production workshop, there will always be cases where you cannot open the fast door with an object in your hand. The stainless steel fast door produced by Xilang Doors can be equipped with radar sensors to realize the automatic opening of the door when people stand outdoors, which is convenient The entry and exit of the staff.
Introduction to the basic performance of the industrial fast door dedicated to the production workshop:

  1. Basic speed: generally 0.6m/s-1.5m/s, generally the door within 3 meters can be fully opened within 3-5 seconds, thereby reducing the time of contact between the outside and the inside and reducing the air entering the clean room Come, meet the requirements of GMP cleanliness level.
  2. Compression resistance: It can resist wind pressure of 6-8 levels, depending on the size of the door. The smaller the door, the stronger the wind pressure.
  3. Working temperature: normal operation under the condition of -15 to 60. Voltage 220V/50HZ.
  4. Safety protection has double protection of safety photoelectric (standard) and safety bottom (optional).
  5. Interlock linkage function, which can be interlocked and linked with equipment such as air shower room, three-dimensional warehouse, AGV trolley, robot, conveyor belt and so on.

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