In large-scale logistics park workshops or warehouse workshops, the general workshops with more forklift trucks will choose to install combined industrial doors, that is, combined doors of PVC fast doors and industrial lift doors. The combination of the two meets the functions of rapid and frequent opening and anti-theft and wind resistance for enterprises, and further ensures the cleanliness of the indoor space.

The curtain of the PVC fast door adopts the curtain imported from France. Through the cold bonding process, the curtain is smooth and beautiful as a whole, and has the functions of double-sided self-cleaning, wear-resistant and anti-wrinkle. The control system adopts the Philip Motor imported from Germany. The system can be equipped with a servo system, and multiple ports can be reserved for later use in conjunction with other equipment, which is more sensitive in airbag sensing. The basic function is to keep the cleanliness of the room without wind and dust through the high-speed opening and closing method.


Industrial lift doors can be used as outdoor gates. The material structure of the door panel has the function of anti-theft and anti-chiseling, and can be built-in anti-wind ribs to increase the wind resistance of the door. The opening speed of industrial lift doors and PVC fast doors is quite different, and the opening frequency is about 20 times a day.

The combined industrial door combines the two and complements each other to fill each other’s shortcomings. Using the combined industrial door in the factory can maximize the functional characteristics of the industrial door.

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