fast door with radar

Small and medium-sized internal doors are suitable for use in high-frequency logistics channels. The aluminum wind-proof profile and the stiff fabric curtain are not only beautiful and firm, but also can withstand heavy loads.

Both the fabric curtain and the window material can be replaced, which can separate different temperature zones, prevent air convection, and ensure indoor constant temperature, insect and dust prevention.

Fast doors are generally installed at the entrances and exits of internal passages of buildings under high pressure, and are generally made of soft curtains.

The door body uses a flexible and tough special high-density PVC coated fabric soft curtain, which realizes the high-speed opening and closing of the door body (about 20 times higher than the speed of the steel rolling door), which greatly shortens the entrance and exit of the passage Opening hours.

It not only improves the efficiency of the internal air conditioning in the workshop, but also controls the mixing rate of foreign matter outside the workshop to a limit. Greatly improve work efficiency. To achieve a safe, hygienic and energy-saving working environment, and to contribute to the improvement of product quality.

  • Use environment
  • Outside the workshop.
  • High frequency access channel.
  • Industries requiring high sanitary environment.
  • Light industry, food industry, electronics industry, packaging and printing, hospitals, warehouses, supermarkets, automobiles, manufacturing, etc

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