The fast door is a relatively common industrial door product, but some people may not know its specific function. Today, the editor will discuss with you the function of the fast door.
Many people also call fast doors soft-curtain doors . Most of the motors used in soft curtain doors are fast motors, which will save a lot of opening and closing time. The daily opening frequency can reach 800~1000 times, with high stability. The connecting part of the door curtain has a wind strip to increase the wind resistance. There is a special device at the bottom of the door curtain, which can be tightly combined according to different environments; the guide rail has a built-in brush to play the role of dustproof and sealing.

The fast door motor is a servo motor with small size, light weight, large force and high speed. Usually, the operation is stable and has low noise.
The fast door has the functions of dustproof, insect-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, pollution-proof, noise-proof and ash-proof. Sites used include factory doors, dust-proof workshops, workshop aisles or truck aisles. Some people now apply them to garage doors and the fast doors are powerful and used more and more widely.

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