The production standards of the welding workshop include gas protection, humidity requirements, moisture removal requirements, and temperature requirements. In order to meet the production standard, the design institute took the Fast Doors as the designated door for the workshop when designing the workshop. Car companies may not understand what features of such products can help welding workshops meet production standards. For this question, the answer is given below.

fast doors

How Fast Doors Help Welding Shops Meet Production Standards

  1. Harmful gas is easily generated during welding inside the workshop, and quick opening and closing can reduce the time for internal gas to flow out of the outside.
  2. Thickening the curtain can keep it at a suitable temperature and humidity.
  3. Multiple sealing measures can improve the moisture-proof ability.

The above are the characteristics derived from the daily use needs of the welding workshop. Now many car companies have begun to pay attention to the production environment, which has also led to an increase in the demand for fast doors. Many manufacturers have appeared one after another, with good and bad quality. Good quality fast doors can last longer. If you don’t know which one is better, you can look at SEPPES, the designated brand of Geely, Chery, Ford, Volkswagen, Foton Lovol, Higer and other auto companies. You can contact SEPPES for quotations.

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