Fast Doors for food and beverage processing are high-speed rolling doors commonly used in factories. Can all high speed fabric doors be used in food and beverage factories?

yellow high speed door
yellow high speed door

What is the standard for fast food and beverage processing?

For a factory, the fastest door can bring them the greatest benefit is high efficiency, high quality and high safety. Therefore, it can be understood that the standards of fast doors for food and beverage processing are high efficiency, high quality and high safety.

304ss high speed door
304ss high speed door

High efficiency 304ss fast door

1. The opening speed is fast enough, at least 800 times a day

2. It can quickly adapt to the working mode of modern smart factories, reduce energy consumption and save costs

3. For food and beverage factories, the production environment of the factory is also very important. The efficient fast door can improve the production environment inside the factory and speed up the circulation of air inside and outside the factory.

High quality factory stainless steel fast door

1. Use 304 stainless steel door frame instead of ordinary color steel door frame, which can prevent rust, corrosion and zero pollution at the same time

2. The use of imported equipment not only guarantees the high quality of the product, but also speeds up the high-speed production of the product

3. The service life can reach 8-10 years, which is a huge wealth for food and beverage factories

High security warehouse rolling rising fast door

1. The door is equipped with the safety photoelectric of Japan Omron as standard, which guarantees the safety of people and goods to the greatest extent

2. The door frame and other parts are made of foreign equipment, laser components, the door body is not deformed and not easily damaged, which can ensure the safety of goods and personnel

3. The wiring method of SEPPES is different from other homes, it is simple to operate, and it also shows the safety of personnel and goods to the greatest extent.

indoor high speed door
indoor high speed door

Therefore, in food and beverage factories, according to the high speed shutter doors, not only meets the European and American FDA, NSF, ISO and other requirements, the industrial pvc rolling door itself also has its own standards to apply to the market.

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