When it comes to Chile, may everyone think of cherries? We have recently exported a batch of fast insulation doors for cold storage.

Our customers are in the food industry such as cherries, grapes and fruits. Insulation doors required by Chilean customers are installed in fruit packaging workshops and storage rooms. Insulation fast doors are industrial doors used in cold chain logistics, cold storage, cold storage, and crop greenhouses. Quick opening and closing can effectively prevent heat loss and maintain a balanced indoor temperature.

thermal insulation fast door
Explosion-proof control box

Due to the small temperature difference in the packaging workshop, ordinary quick-insulation doors can meet the demand. As for the storage room, the temperature difference between inside and outside is relatively large, so we recommend the newly designed two-axis insulation fast door. The double-axis heat preservation fast door can meet the temperature difference between inside and outside of about 30℃. And because it is the food industry, in order to prevent the door frame from rusting due to the condensed water generated by the temperature difference between inside and outside, we can upgrade the door frame to 304 stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion.

fast cold stotagr door

Structural features of SEPPES door insulation fast door:

  • 1. Door curtain system: The door curtain adopts soft wear-resistant base fabric, filled with high-density foam material, and has good heat preservation effect.
  • 2. Track system: It adopts integrated door frame, made of bao gang cold-rolled sheet material, 2.0mm thick, outdoor special fluorocarbon powder coating, and professional surface treatment.
  • 3. Safety system: There are photo-eye sensors on both sides of the heat-preserving fast door, which will run in reverse when an obstacle is detected.
  • 4. Reset system: The insulation fast door of SEPPES Door Industry, even if the door curtain is derailed due to a collision, as long as the motor is restarted, the insulation door curtain can be reset and restarted.
  • 5. Sealing system: aluminum alloy track, stainless steel hanging parts, nylon hanging wheels, stainless steel door locks, rubber sealing strips around the door body, integrated door frame and track, equipped with multi-sided airtight components, forming an excellent airtight and heat preservation effect. It can completely isolate the air convection and temperature conduction between the low temperature area and the outside.

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