Yesterday, our SEPPES fast pvc door was installed in the workshop of a packaging company in Hebei. This customer pays more attention to quality and has inspected many manufacturers of fast pvc doors. I accidentally saw SEPPES products and felt that the appearance looked very angry, so I found us to learn more about it. Customers are satisfied with all aspects of the product, so they will choose SEPPES among many fast rolling door manufacturers. In order to improve safety and convenience, the customer also chose to install a safety bottom and radar sensor. Conveniently sense metal objects such as trolleys. The door opens automatically and then closes automatically, which is convenient and quick.

SEPPES pays more attention to the selection of product materials than other high speed roll up door manufacturers. Swiss brand PVC door curtain, German brand control system, Japanese brand safety photoelectric, etc. Many improvements have also been made in the production process. There are more than 100 service outlets in China, with full coverage in major cities across the country. Professional and technical personnel provide installation instructions for foreign customers online. Provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service.

SEPPES has the authoritative CE certification of the Czech Republic, the first EU member state in the industry. The production standard is certified by the international authority SGS. The certification is carried out once a year, and the certification standards and links are very strict, and the quality is guaranteed. In addition, SEPPES adheres to the life-long service concept of “one door, one code, life-long service”. There are more than 100 technical service outlets in major industrial cities across the country, providing rescue services for 7 days and 12 hours. After-sales guarantee.

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