We all know that modern factories, especially clean workshops, will install pvc fast roll up doors as dust-proof partitions. The name of pvc fast roll up door is derived from its curtain material, so why do fast rolling door manufacturers choose pvc curtain material? The following we will give you a detailed explanation.

  Pvc fast roll up door is developed and designed for the needs of industrial plants and clean workshops. First of all, we must understand what the workshop needs for a partition door? The most important thing in a clean workshop is that the internal environment of the workshop is relatively high, so the pvc fast roll up door must first achieve the effect of dust prevention, and then the workshop has high mobility of personnel and goods. When the pvc fast door is dust-proof, it can also meet the personnel Frequent in and out performance. The pvc fast rolling door can meet these performances.

pvc fast rolling door

 The advantages of pvc fast roll up door curtain:

  1. Performance: dustproof, insectproof, temperature insulation, sound insulation, UV protection,

  2. Safety: PVC flame retardant can reach level B. In case of emergency, you can directly cut the curtain to escape. The curtain is soft and will not accidentally injure people, making it safer.

  3. Sound insulation: PVC curtains can reduce noise decibels, prevent noise from spreading, reduce noise pollution, and be used as a machine compartment screen to improve the sound insulation effect of operations.

  4. Anti-static: Static electricity prevents the curtain from being rubbed and does not produce static electricity. It is suitable for factories where static electricity is strictly prohibited.

   5. Color: yellow, orange, red, blue, transparent, translucent… and many other colors.

  Fast roll up door manufacturers produce pvc fast roll up doors, which can be applied to warehouses, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics, machinery, printing, factories, workshops, hospitals, restaurants and other places in different industries.

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