The temperature of the drug storage in the normal temperature warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory needs to reach the range of 0-30 ℃, and the relative humidity of the warehouse needs to be maintained between 45% and 75%. Due to its fast opening and closing characteristics, the fast roll up door can maintain the internal temperature, and its excellent sealing effect can prevent the entry of external rain, insects, dust, etc., and improve the cleanliness of the internal storage environment. In addition, it is fast roll up door also has a variety of induction opening methods. At the same time, it can also work in conjunction with AGV trolleys and other mechanical equipment, which is convenient and fast. Serang is upgraded again on the basis of fast roll up doors:

1. Innovative man-machine meeting, real-time display of running status.

  2, German brand control system, the operation is more precise.

  3. The frame is constructed by laser and is integrally formed, which is beautiful and atmospheric.

  4. Infrared anti-pinch safety protection device is standard to ensure safety.

  5. The airtight structure on all sides makes the quick partition effect better.

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