Recently, the fast roll up door project of our SEPPES Door Industry was installed on the conveyor belt of a rubber company in Hengshui, Hebei. In order to match the surrounding colors and enhance the overall image of the plant, the customer specially chose a custom-made yellow frame, not only yellow, west Long fast roll up door frame can also be sprayed with white, gray, blue, black and other colors;

Many people may not understand why a fast roll up door is installed on a conveyor belt. The reason is actually very simple. There is a distance between the conveyor belt and the goods from the production workshop to another workshop for processing. Some companies will specially in order to ensure the quality of the products being transported. Install fast roll up doors before and after the conveyor belt to keep the internal environment of the conveyor belt clean and to isolate the inside and outside.

Which one should I choose for such a fast roll up door with a customizable frame color and keeping the inside of the conveyor belt clean? If you want to choose the fast roll up door manufacturer SEPPES Door Industry, many years of industry experience, a variety of thoughtful services, has provided products and technical solutions for nearly 2,000 companies, more than 60 Fortune 500 companies in the world.

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