Recently, our SEPPES Door Industry has officially completed the fast roll up door project in the medical buffer room of a biomedical technology company in Suzhou. For the pharmaceutical industry, workshops that require high production environments are basically equipped with buffer rooms to prevent staff from entering Bring contaminants into the clean room. The buffer room is more complicated in terms of door selection, one is to meet the fire protection requirements, and the other is to open and close frequently to ensure the quality of the internal environment. There are almost no doors on the market that can meet these two requirements at the same time, so we use a very good plan, which is to install the inorganic fabric fireproof rolling door and the fast roll up door. When the fireproof function is needed after get off work, the fireproof rolling door is put down to meet the requirements. Fire protection requirements; when working at work, raise the fire shutter doors and use fast roll up doors to meet the requirements of frequent daily entry and exit and maintaining the quality of the internal environment. This solution can be said to be a perfect solution to the door problem of the buffer room.

The customer also chose to install a radar sensor to open the fast roll up door. When the staff enters the radar sensor area in front of the door, the door automatically rises, and the door automatically closes when leaving, which greatly increases the convenience of work and reduces the need to touch buttons. The number of times reduces the pollution. SEPPES Door Industry adopts laser construction integrated molding technology for the overall manufacturing of fast roll up doors. The whole frame has no splicing marks. It is assembled by high-quality hardware accessories and matched with imported plastic powder. The overall high-end atmosphere. For door curtains, SEPPES also chooses French imported PVC cords, which are wear-resistant and tear-resistant, and have a longer service life. Servo high-precision motor with German brand control system can accurately control every operation. It is worth mentioning that SEPPES Doors is for the sake of customers, and has deliberately added many details to the design of fast roll up doors, such as double-row card seat type sealing brushes and block detachable door curtains. The parts can be replaced at will later, without the need to replace the entire door. The door frame is affixed with a unique one-door one-code logo, which contains some basic information of the door, factory time and service hotline, making it clearer and more convenient for customers.

SEPPES Door Industry, as a pioneer in the industrial door industry, has continuously received praise from customers since its establishment, including many Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, IKEA, Logitech, and Pfizer. Cooperation cases are spread all over the world, with service outlets all over the country, and quick response to customer needs. SEPPES Door Industry has focused on the industrial equipment industry for more than ten years. If you choose a good fast door, choose SEPPES Door Industry.

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