blue high speed door

Recently, SEPPES Door Industry has a Fast Roller Shutter Door project in the buffer workshop of a nutrition company in Australia. The customer belongs to a food and health company and has maintained a long-term cooperation with us. At the beginning, the customer has very strict product quality when purchasing. At the beginning, the customer had very strict requirements for product quality when purchasing. After searching for a long time in the market, he did not find the fast Fast Roller Shutter Door SEPPES Door Industry ,beautiful and atmosphere, Compared with foreign brands and us, and finally found that the two are almost the same after the comparison, but the price is too much cheaper, and finally They choose us.

yellow high speed door

SEPPES Door’s Fast Roller Shutter Door has a German brand control system, a servo high-precision drive unit, an innovative man-machine interface design, a full-process visual operation, and real-time display of operating status to ensure stable operation of the product and precise opening and closing. Fully automated laser cutting and precise construction of the door frame, imported plastic powder spraying combined assembly, beautiful and durable. The double-row card seat type sealing brushes and the pluggable imported brand PVC door curtain, a variety of convenient designs, provide customers with more saving solutions. Standard infrared ray anti-pinch safety protection device, and a variety of protection devices to choose from, all-round protection of safety.

grey high speed door

After more than ten years of technological development and product research, SEPPES Door Industry has provided products to 2000+ customers across the country and has become one of the top ten domestic Fast Roller Shutter Door manufacturers. The cooperation cases are all over the country and are the choice of many Fortune 500 companies. It is also exported to more than 20 countries including the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc. If you choose a Fast Roller Shutter Door, please choose SEPPES Door Industry.

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