Fast rolling door is an industrial door product that many companies choose to install in recent years. The domestic development trend is rising. Today, I will introduce the characteristics of the full range of fast rolling door products, so that customers can know which type of fast rolling door they should choose to install:

Fast rolling door: referred to as fast rolling door, is the basic model in the fast rolling door series. It has a fast opening speed, automatically closes, and is well sealed. It can provide a clean and tidy working environment for the workshop and at the same time have the effect of rapid isolation.

fast rolling door

Zipper fast rolling door: an upgraded product of ordinary fast rolling door. On the basis of the original, the track is modified, the locking design is adopted, the sealing performance is improved again, and the anti-collision reset device is installed, even if the door curtain is knocked out of the track, it will still be underneath. Automatically reset in one operation, saving time and cost of maintenance.

zipper fast rolling door

Protective fast rolling door: It is a functional product specially developed for use in the production equipment room, robot workshop, welding equipment room, special isolation area of ​​the workshop and other areas in the factory. It can be opened in conjunction with machinery and equipment, while preventing internal splashes, Sparks fly out to protect the safety of personnel and machines and improve the production environment.

protective fast rolling door

Insulation fast rolling door: upgrade on the curtain of ordinary fast rolling door, adding several layers of door curtains, the inside of the curtain is filled with heat insulation material, which is significantly improved than ordinary fast rolling door thermal insulation performance, fast opening and closing, can reduce the loss of internal temperature, Meet some areas with slightly higher temperature requirements.

insulation fast rolling door

Cold storage insulation fast rolling door: Combining the zipper lock design with the insulation multi-layer thickened door curtain, it is more suitable for areas with higher temperature environment requirements, such as cold storage, cold chain, etc., each opening speed reaches 1.5M/S or more. Frequent opening and closing operations hundreds of times a day are high-end products that replace traditional cold storage doors.

Cold storage insulation fast rolling door

Stacked fast rolling door: It is especially suitable for logistics channels and large-area opening environments. It can be equipped with geomagnetic automatic door opening, radar sensor automatic door opening, and pulling rope door opening, etc., which can withstand strong winds of about 10 levels and improve operation efficiency.

Stacked fast rolling door

Hard fast rolling door: the top-fitting product of fast door, integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, sturdiness, high efficiency, and wind resistance. It can withstand strong winds of about 12 grades. The total number of operations can reach about 1.5 million times, suitable for indoor and outdoor Logistics and production channels, garages and other areas can save a lot of energy consumption for enterprises, which is convenient and quick.

Hard fast rolling door

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