The application of fast rolling doors is becoming more and more extensive, not just exclusive doors for clean workshops and indoor passages. Many warehouse outlets need to be opened and closed frequently and quickly.

Customers also want to install fast rolling doors to use; as long as the openings There is no problem if it meets the installation conditions, but customers with wind resistance must take it into consideration.

The picture below is: the fast rolling door installed at the exit of the workshop passage

Door openings close to the outdoors will inevitably have wind pressure. Once the wind pressure is relatively high, the fast rolling door may often be blown off the rails, affecting normal opening and closing. In the case of small door openings, wind-resistant ribs can be appropriately added to improve the wind-resistant effect.

If the door opening exceeds 25 square meters, it is not suitable for installing conventional fast doors. We recommend the use of stacked fast doors.

The structure design of the stacked fast door is different from the conventional fast door. The curtain of the stacked door uses a built-in steel pipe as the wind-resistant rib, which can evenly distribute the wind pressure to the entire curtain; while meeting the requirements of rapid and frequent opening and closing, the wind resistance level can reach Level 10 is suitable for wind pressure and large openings.

The picture below is: Stacked fast doors with good wind resistance

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