Now the control system of the fast rolling door is very intelligent, so there are many kinds of switching methods to choose from, the common ones are radar or geomagnetism, in fact, the fast rolling door can also be opened and closed with a pull rope, you know? What Seppes Door Industry installed in Huzhou today is the rope-switch fast rolling door. Let’s take a look at the scene effect picture.

The rope pull switch is controlled by installing a bracket above the door. A rope hangs down from the front of the bracket. Generally, this method is suitable for people driving forklifts. When the vehicle reaches the passageway, the personnel do not need to get off the forklift, just gently Pull the rope and the fast rolling door will open.

The picture below is: a fast rolling door controlled by a drawstring

Each control method has its own unique advantages. Don’t directly imitate it when choosing. Choose one or more combinations of control methods according to your actual needs, which will be more convenient and quick for us to use. Huzhou fast door manufacturers have installation cases in different industries. If you want to know more about the styles or use places of fast rolling doors, you can contact the editor at any time.

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