The weather has fluctuated in recent days. It is fine today, and there may be a heavy rain tomorrow. The Lord turned his face faster than a book. Heavy rain has a relatively large impact on people’s daily lives. Take the factory as an example. A heavy rain may cause damage to the factory interior. Rainwater enters the room and wets the machinery and equipment, sometimes causing machine failures, and even worse. Endangering the lives of staff and burying hidden dangers for the company, then how can we solve this problem, let us continue to look down.

SEPPES Door Industry has launched a fast rolling shutter door that can prevent rain and moisture. The biggest feature of this product is that it can block rainwater outside, and will not let any drop of water enter the room. We have done many experiments, first we took a big bowl Splashing water, followed by the basin, and finally splashing water with a water gun on the door. The side where there is no splashing water is still dripping, and the rainproof and waterproof performance is beyond doubt. In addition, the material of the fast rolling shutter door curtain of SEPPES Door Industry is made of soft PVC wear-resistant coating base fabric imported from France brand. The tough door curtain can block strong external forces. The door curtain also has a self-cleaning function. Do not spend too much time on the hygiene of the door curtain, saving more manpower and material resources.

Summer is a headache season, but if you use the fast rolling shutter door of SEPPES Doors, it will solve most of the problems for you. The fast rolling shutter door is a good helper for your business.

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