Fast PVC Protection Door

 The electronics industry is developing rapidly in the 21st century. Everyone is enjoying the benefits brought about by the development of the electronics industry. However, this is a high-tech industry. There is already a clear stipulation on the “Code of Conduct for the Electronics Industry”. Environmental safety. Then in the electronic supply system, the industrial rapid rolling door protects the staff and the natural environment very well.

As an industrial door that is an important partition of space, the choice of door body is very important. SEPPES fast rolling door has three safety systems, such as infrared photoelectric protection on both sides of the track, fast door light curtains to reduce induction blind spots, and airbags at the bottom of the door curtain to prevent falling injuries . The electronics industry also needs to ensure the health and safety of the industry. Equipment linkage fast doors can be installed in machinery and equipment, and radiation-proof fast doors can be installed in chemical workshops or electronic welding workshops. There are flammable workshops with volatile chemicals and particulates in the electronic production workshop, which requires a safe explosion-proof fast door.

  In an enterprise, it is important to operate the entire system, but it is more important to protect the safety of personnel and the environment. Choose SEPPESdoor manufacturers to let the company work in safety.

  SEPPES door industry equipment supporting fast door parameters:

   Door curtain material: PVC polyvinyl chloride coated wear-resistant base cloth

   Curtain color: red, yellow, orange red, gray, white, blue

  Door body material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, color steel plate

  Motor brand: Philippe, Germany

  Opening speed: 0.6-2.5m/s

  Using temperature: -30-+70℃

  Fire rating: B2 flame retardant

  Safety device: standard pressure airbag, warning light, anti-collision pillar, manual rocker for power failure

  Control voltage: safe low voltage 24VDC

   Power performance: German Philip Motor, power 0.75-1.5KW, power supply 220V/380V, braking voltage 220V

   Wind-resistant material: aluminum alloy wind-resistant round pipe, segmented connection, easy to replace

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