Indonesia is a country rich in spices. The Maluku Islands in the country were famous as the “Spice Islands” in the Middle Ages, so Indonesia is also known as the “Spice Country” by the public. As an important market with a large proportion of the global flavor and fragrance industry, Indonesia is also one of the important focus areas for global flavor and fragrance research and development, new technologies and new products.


Flavor is a mixture containing a variety of fragrant components that is formulated artificially or manufactured by fermentation, enzymatic hydrolysis, thermal processing, etc. According to the application field, flavors can be divided into three main types: edible flavors, daily flavors and other flavors. Its products are widely used in toiletries, cosmetics, tobacco, medicine, paper, food manufacturing and other industries. Spices are materials with aroma and aroma, substances that can make humans produce taste (the combined effect of aroma, taste and mouthfeel). It is mainly used to formulate flavors for flavoring products, or directly used as food additives. There are many food production and processing industries in Indonesia, which has also led to the vigorous development of the flavor and fragrance industry.

fast shutter door
SEPPES high speed door

The factories and workshops for the production of flavors and fragrances must meet a certain degree of cleanliness, which has high requirements for the commuting of the workshop passages. Fast shutter door can keep both the production workshop and the spice storage room with frequent commutes in a closed state, isolating the indoor and outdoor environments. At the same time, the quick opening and closing of the fast shutter door can also greatly reduce the heat loss and prevent the entry of dust and mosquitoes. In addition, many raw materials for spice production are easy to volatilize. If they are exposed to the outdoor environment and air for a long time, they are easy to deteriorate. The fast shutter door can avoid this problem well. The fast shutter door can also well isolate the smell and prevent the taste of different flavor raw materials from mixing. More and more flavor and fragrance factories in Indonesia are choosing to install fast shutter doors to improve production efficiency.

SEPPES has been committed to providing channel solutions for domestic and foreign food production, flavor and fragrance raw material production. SEPPES has currently served food and flavor and fragrance manufacturers from Indonesia, Jordan, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries and regions, providing them with professional high-speed shutter door products and supporting facilities.

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