HIgh Speed Spiral Door

The fast spiral door is used in various fields such as underground garage passage, chemical industry, medicine, automobile industry, and food processing; an aluminum alloy rigid fast rolling door with multiple functions such as wind resistance, heat preservation, speed, and anti-theft.

high speed spiral door

Door panel material: The thickness of the fast spiral door panel is not less than 40mm, the surface is treated with anodizing and organic coloring, and the international advanced thermal insulation treatment scheme is adopted inside the bridge. It reaches the domestic 7-level energy-saving door and window standard without destroying the ozone layer. The door panels are sealed by the soft connection rubber strip, and the flexible connection part has a folding life of more than one million times.

Product features: The hard fast door represents the high level of industrial doors in the world. It has high reliability and practicability. Its high-speed operation can resist strong convective wind pressure and unparalleled work efficiency. It is unique in today’s industrial field. There is no substitute, and a reasonable mechanism design is that its failure rate is reduced to a low level.

The door panels are produced on a large-scale assembly line with French technology, and the broken bridge design can block indoor and outdoor temperature loss, which can effectively save energy. Both ends of the door panels are connected by hinges, and the spliced door panels are connected by double-sided sealing strips to ensure sealing. The replacement of the door panels is also very simple and fast, without the need for professional maintenance personnel. The hard fast door can prevent the intrusion of outsiders while resisting weather changes, and can block indoor and outdoor air convection. Therefore, it is an economical choice for frequent access channels, and it is an energy-saving and energy-reducing industrial choice.

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