Fast stacking door

The high speed stacking door has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, wind proof, dust proof, sound insulation, fire proof, and odor proof lighting. It is widely used in food, chemical, textile, freezing, electronics, printing, supermarket freezing assembly, precision machinery.

Various places such as logistics and storage are suitable for logistics channels, large-area openings, and internal and external doors with high wind-proof requirements. It can be improved to meet high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, improve the effect of air conditioning, high-speed automatic shutdown, and improve the efficiency of action.

Structural features of high speed stacking doors:

  • 1. Transmission system: opening speed is 0.6m/s (0.6—1.2m/s optional).
  • 2. Door opening motor: with brake, manual release. The power is 0.75KW-1.5KW. Protection grade IP55, ambient temperature -350C-600C.
  • 3. System characteristics: One-piece high concentric steel shaft. Direct drive. No conveyor belt, no drive chain, no wire rope, no gear. Low maintenance cost, easy installation and maintenance, energy saving and low noise.
  • 4. Door curtain: high-strength polyester fiber cloth (French Xiyun brand), double-sided epoxy resin coating, polyester mesh belt with PVC inside. Technical parameters: 0.8mm thickness, tear resistance 500N/m, pressure resistance 150N/m2. Thermal conductivity K=5Watt/m2/0C, noise attenuation 19db. Resistance to wind pressure: 20 m/s (level 8 wind). Color: red, blue, and yellow are usually used in international colors, resistant to high and low temperatures, and anti-aging.
  • 5. Frame: Material characteristics: The outer cover of the transmission system is made of high-quality steel plate. Advantages: beautiful style, easy to replace, easy to repair and maintain. Its strength and seismic performance are superior.
  • 6. Radar moving object detector: sensing method: non-contact type.
  • 7. Sealing: The sides and top are sealed with brushes. The bottom seal is wear-resistant fiber cloth.

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