Whether it is a dust-free workshop or a constant temperature and humidity workshop, people and goods often enter and exit. How to effectively isolate and protect people and goods under the premise of normal flow? high speed fabric doors can solve this problem. SEPPES high speed fabric doors has the following characteristics:

  1. Advanced industrial radar sensing: the sensing height is 2-9 meters, and the range is 3.0 square meters-8.5 square meters. And an angle sensor sensitivity can be automatically adjusted.

2. the servo motor: the servo motors are compact, light weight, strength, speed. Can be used frequently, low noise, safe and stable.

3.servo control box: the internal structure of the three main lines need only be able to leave the door open automatically; built-in microcomputer control system that can interface with a variety of automation equipment. Comes with screen can display in English, you can display all operating parameters.

4.photoelectric safety: a lower frame mounted infrared, protection switch. The door opened immediately, and remains open.

5.the curtain: curtain customized according to user needs, the use of industrial polyester fiber fabric imported from France. High-strength polyester fiber, double PVC layer, the thickness of 0.8mm. Users can choose their own colors.

6.wind pipe: steel cord adapter site or an aluminum alloy containing weatherstrip, enhance the effect of wind.

7.stainless steel: having a corrosion resistance, formability, compatibility, toughness and other features.

SEPPES purchased 15 million yuan of insurance to provide customers with security. More than 30 overseas distributors provide quality services to foreign customers. More than 60 Fortune 500 companies have chosen us, and we have more than 2,000 cooperative customers. Now if you inquire, you can also design the installation plan for free and produce drawings for free.

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