food processing doors’s cooperation customer is from Vietnam. The user is engaged in the pasta processing industry. According to user needs, SEPPES Door Industry (suzhou) Co., lt customized two sets of fast rolling doors which passed the customer acceptance on the afternoon of July, and announced the formal completion.

Blue high speed door
Blue high speed door

Acceptance date: July 10, 2020.

304ss high speed door
304ss high speed door

industrial rapid door cooperation case in food workshop

1. Door structure-beautifully designed with 201# stainless steel plate material, the surface is bright, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and the thickness of the plate is 1.5 mm. The package box is made of stainless steel (the track is specially designed to reduce the friction with the curtain under the condition of high wind pressure)

2. Drive device-use a high-speed motor dedicated to high speed roll up door, power supply 220v, power 0.75kw/1400 revolutions/s, load large load S4 type.

3. Electronic control system-using a special foreign export motor, external high-performance upgrade control box, built-in vector control mode, high control accuracy; high-torque frequency converter (150% 1hz), plc combined into one, with high performance , High reliability, high stability, positioning and other characteristics. At the same time, using frequency conversion control technology, it has soft start and slow stop functions to ensure the smooth operation of the door and increase the service life.

4. Opening and closing speed-open 0.6-2.0m/sec/close 0.6-2.0m/sec (adjustable speed)

5. Safety device-a pair of infrared photoelectric (Omron) protection switches are installed on the lower part of the door frame. When people and objects stay under the door body, the door body will not fall.

6. Door curtain-select French imported industrial polyester fiber base fabric, high-strength environmentally friendly polyester fiber, double-sided poly coating, thickness 0.8mm,

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, orange, gray, white and other colors can be selected (the green selected by the user represents green food);

Tear resistance: 600/600 (warp/weft), tensile strength: 4000/3500 (warp/weft), peel strength Newton/5 cm, use temperature -30–+70℃, B2 flame retardant base fabric It is non-toxic and has good surface self-cleaning properties; the bottom is equipped with a gas barrier, which has good airtightness, no dust, and easy to clean.

7. Anti-wind effect——Aluminum alloy wind-proof ribs are installed at the connection part of the curtain to increase the anti-wind effect.

8. Fireproof effect-the non-base fabric is made of industrial polyester fiber non-base fabric imported from France, which will not ignite any kind of fire.

9. Curtain replacement function-the connection part of the curtain is equipped with aluminum alloy ribs, no matter which piece of curtain is damaged, it can be replaced at will, saving costs.

10. Transparent window-with a horizontal pvc transparent window in the middle, with a thickness of 1.2 mm, making it safer for people and vehicles to enter and exit.

11. Sealing-The bottom of the door curtain can be tightly combined with various uneven ground through a special design. The guide rail has a built-in brush to prevent dust and seal.

food processing high speed door
food processing high speed door

The clean workshop of a general food factory can be roughly divided into three areas: general operation area, quasi-clean area, and clean operation area. Different workshops in the production area should meet the needs of varieties and processes. If necessary, there should be buffer rooms and other measures to prevent cross-contamination, and then use high speed roller shutter door as partition doors, which can play a role in rapid isolation.

The “SEPPES” brand food workshop rapid roller door can meet the requirements of a 100,000-level purification workshop, ensuring that the quality of food is not harmed, saving energy consumption and improving production efficiency.

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