Recently, our SEPPES installed a remote control high speed door in the Foton car workshop. Foton Motor is China’s largest commercial vehicle company with the most comprehensive range of products. Foton Motor is an old customer of ours. We have installed our products before and thought it was good, so we installed it again. We have many projects in the workshops of automobile companies, such as Geely Automobiles, Volkswagens, etc. Compared with other manufacturers, the fast doors of SEPPES have the following characteristics:

SEPPES remote control high speed door
SEPPES remote control high speed door
  1. Combined design, easy to replace.
  2. Have product insurance to provide customers with multiple protections.
  3. innovative man-machine interface, visualization of the whole operation.
  4. the German brand control system, with high-precision motor with stable and accurate operation.
  5. laser cutting automatic door, the door folded piece of iron, no stitching. The door curtain is cut evenly, not easy to wear, and the safety and durability are improved.
SEPPES remote control high speed door
SEPPES remote control high speed door

SEPPES has cooperated with more than 60 Fortune 500 customers, and more than 2,000 cooperative customers across the country. Established in the country more than 100 service outlets in major cities nationwide to achieve full coverage. The staff is online 7*24 hours and responds quickly. Products are also exported to more than 60 countries, Spain, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, it is the progressive realization “SEPPES brand, service in the world” slogan.

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