Seppes’s roll up fast door have eight innovative processes. The last four innovative processes are stable, beautiful, intelligent and safe.

high speed door

Standard german control system, high precision servo motor drive, can make the fast rolling door run quickly and smoothly. The frame is automatic laser cut ,sprayed with imported plastic powder, so that the conforms to the industrial aesthetic structure, which is beautiful and practical. The seppes roll up fast door has a built-in IoT smart chip, which is convenient for remote control and automatic repair of automation equipment. Seppes roll up fast door equip with infrare safety photoelectric protection device as standard, which can ensure the safety of use. At the same time, you can also choose multiple guarantees and install a light curtain on the safety bottom edge.

Seppes fast door serves the world. At present, it has cooperated with the world’s top 500 companies such as IKEA and Logitech. And exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, France and other countries or regions.

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