In recent years, the economy has developed rapidly. Many companies have built branches at home and abroad. The plant area is large and the number of door openings is large. Various facilities are required to reduce the cost of later renewal. Industrial Sectioanl Doors can be installed on the door openings outside the plant. The sectional door is not only windproof, dustproof, anti-theft, and thermal insulation, but also facilitates the entry and exit of staff and vehicles. In addition, the appearance of the lifting door is neat and uniform, which improves the overall image of the factory.

The design concept of the industrial sectioanal door of SEPPES Door Industry is as follows:

1. Door panel system: The door panel is made of double-sided color steel plate baking paint, and the interior is filled with polyurethane foam material. This makes the door panel’s heat preservation performance more prominent, and it also has the advantages of wear resistance and sound insulation, and the later maintenance is also very convenient.

2. Track system: The track of the industrial sliding door is made of high-quality galvanized steel. The shape of the track is a major feature of SEPPES. We hold the patented appearance, the surface is smooth and firm, and there are two colors (blue, black) to choose from.

3. Safety system: This system is the most important. Safety should be in the first place at all times. Our sliding doors have four protection measures: torsion spring anti-breaking, wire rope anti-falling, track end buffer and airbag. Companies can use it with confidence.

4. Sealing system: We have added EPDM rubber strips to seal the top, bottom and both sides of the industrial sliding door, which can effectively block outdoor dust and prevent wind.

5. Lifting system: The lifting methods of the sliding door are more diversified. There are three basic methods of standard lifting, turning lifting and lifting lifting.

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