Fast rolling door, also known as fast door, is a kind of industrial door. Its main functions are sound insulation, dustproof, good isolation, and can also protect the safety of people and vehicles entering and exiting, and can improve the work efficiency of enterprises. Generally suitable for industrial plants, such as printing plants, transportation channels, medical workshops, etc.

The fast rolling door produced by Seppes Door Industry is very suitable for the soundproof buffer zone. It has a beautiful appearance and a variety of colors. It can also be made into a transparent type. Small windows and doors can be opened if required. It also has many advantages in terms of function. .

Seppes Door Industry Fast Rolling Door Function Introduction:

1. Door curtain: It is made of soft PVC polyvinyl chloride material with clear lines on the surface. This material contains anti-breaking fibers in the middle, which is strong and durable, anti-wear and anti-corrosion. And it is all soft materials, there will not be any solid objects, and will not cause harm to personnel.

  1. Door body: The track is made of 2.0mm thick cold-rolled steel plate paint. If you feel that it is not strong enough, you can also choose 1.8mm stainless steel. This material should be more rigid and durable. The surface has been specially treated, so there is no need to worry about serious corrosion and wind. The situation of blowing rain.   
  2. Power: The motor brand is a special motor for imported German Philippe fast door. This kind of motor runs at a high speed and steadily. It is a new type of intelligent system. The control system is man-machine visualized, easy to operate, and has a reminder function when it encounters a failure.   
  3. Sealing: There are brushes on both sides of the curtain, which can block dust, insects and wind, and the sealing effect is very obvious.   
  4. Protection: There are many forms of protection system to choose from, usually a safety photoelectric device, the bottom of the curtain will automatically rise when it encounters obstacles, and then fall when there is no obstacle. You can also choose the safety bottom and light curtain, these two protection measures will be better.

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