With the increasing demand for cars by modern urban residents. Parking lots such as city centers, hospitals, shopping malls and residential garages are close to saturation. Problems such as difficulty in parking and slow parking are becoming increasingly prominent. In order to solve this problem, garage aluminum roll up door came into being and became an effective solution.

aluminum roll up door

SEPPES aluminum roll up door

1.Frequency conversion motor and fast lifting

The garage turbine aluminum alloy rolling shutter door has the characteristics of fast lifting. It adopts a variable frequency motor system and a soft-start switch. Its lifting speed can be flexibly adjusted between 0.6-2.35m/s to ensure rapid entry and exit of vehicles.

2.Sealed, wind-resistant, pressure-resistant and anti-theft

the garage turbine aluminum alloy rolling shutter door has strong wind resistance. The door panel structure is solid and reliable, and its wind resistance can reach level 12 or above. This is due to the high-quality aluminum alloy door panel and the high-strength polyurethane foam in the middle, which makes the total thickness of the door panel reach 4-5 cm. It not only has the anti-theft and compression function, but also has good thermal insulation performance.

3.Safety protection and automatic sensing

This door has high protective performance. A U-shaped sealing soft safety device is designed at the bottom to prevent safety hazards caused by the door continuing to close when a vehicle passes below the door. The safety bottom edge can also be automatically opened by induction, effectively preventing unnecessary accidents and improving the safety of the door.

4.Product quality certification and excellent after-sales service

SEPPES has nearly 20 domestic and international authoritative standard certificates, such as CE, SGS, CMA, etc. SEPPES has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and has been recognized by IAF, CNAS and international mutual recognition, meanwhile, Xilang has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management certification, and has more than 30 national invention and technology patents. Each door has its own “ID card”, Which is convenient for us to provide after-sales service for you. The entire series of products is insured by Ping An Insurance Company of China for RMB 15 million.

spiral high speed door
spiral high speed door

Turbine hard fast doors installed in modern urban three-dimensional warehouses have become an effective tool to solve urban parking problems due to their rapid lifting, strong wind resistance, and high protection. In future urban development, three-dimensional garage hard fast doors will continue to play an important role, providing convenience and safety for urban traffic and parking management.

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