The fast rolling door is equipped with a button switch as standard, and various automatic induction methods can also be selected. In the following use, in order to facilitate customers to quickly control and control the fast rolling door, Seppes has set up two management methods: manual and automatic. Below we will discuss how to use these two methods separately.

Manual control: There is a button for automatic manual switching on the control box. First, we need to switch to the manual state. There are open and close buttons on the control box to control the lifting of the door. In the manual control state, any automatic induction method will no longer work. After the door body rises, the door body can only be lowered by pressing the close button. If the door is opened for a long time without closing, it is recommended to press the emergency stop button to prevent accidents.

Automatic control: First of all, switch the mode to automatic state, so that when a person or object is sensed by radar or geomagnetic induction, the fast rolling door will automatically start to rise to the upper limit position, and when the set delay fall time is reached, it will be fast. The fast rolling door will automatically lower and close again. At the same time, the delay closing time can be adjusted according to the use requirements.

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