The benefit of the cold storage comes from the cargo storage capacity and operational efficiency. The building space is very expensive. In order to maximize the storage area, in the overall project loading and unloading design, the parish space should be compressed as much as possible, or the unloading space should be moved outside the building. A more cost-effective solution. As a result, the use of unloading rooms came into being.

A complete unloading room mainly includes industrial doors, loading and unloading platforms, door seals and door covers. Taking the project in the picture as an example, Seppes has designed a product combination of cold storage insulation fast doors, loading and unloading platforms, and inflatable door seals. They form a complete and independent loading and unloading system with the surroundings, which not only avoids damage to the building Carry out major renovations, and at the same time, maximize the release of cold storage space and strictly control the temperature of the cold storage.
In the process of loading and unloading cold storage, avoiding energy loss is a huge challenge. So, how do the major components of the unloading room work closely together to contribute to the entire cold chain of goods? Unlock together!

  1. When the vehicle is parked in place, the industrial sectional door cover is inflated to seal around the compartment. The bottom of the unloading room is fully sealed with polyurethane insulation panels to achieve strict temperature control.
  2. The cold storage insulation high speed door connects the carriage and the hallway. The 75mm-thick high-density polyurethane thermal insulation industrial high speed roll up doors panel has excellent thermal insulation performance. The detailed design of the double sealing tape, the track cold bridge, and the window heating is designed for the cold storage environment to maximize the sealing effect.
  3. During the handling process, the handling vehicle enters the unloading room, and the cargo in the carriage is taken out through the overlap of the hydraulic loading and unloading dock leveler at the bottom of the carriage and sent to the corresponding warehouse area according to the cargo storage requirements.
  4. When the vehicle drives to a position of about 2.5 meters from the high-speed roll up door of the cold storage, the vehicle is sensed by geomagnetism, and the door is opened at a maximum speed of 2.5m/s, and the traffic warning light buzzes and flashes at the same time. After the vehicle enters the cold storage, the cold storage door is automatically closed, and the whole process is efficient and smooth to ensure that the hole is sealed and does not run cold.

Cold storage energy consumption management is an important requirement of enterprises. Professional access scheme design and loading and unloading equipment can make the cold chain loading and unloading process tightly integrated, which is not only conducive to energy saving and consumption reduction and improvement of the working environment, but also the best guarantee for the quality of goods. According to customer needs, Serang products can be equipped with the Internet of Things function, which integrates product operation monitoring, data analysis, and maintenance management to help evaluate the energy efficiency of cold storage, achieve safe operation and reduce energy consumption.

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