For various logistics channels and clean places, wind-resistant stacking doors can meet their high-performance requirements. And can switch quickly to help the factory save energy and increase the work bear rate. For outgoing ports that require frequent entry and exit, a folding lifting method and multiple built-in horizontal wind-resistant levers can be used, and the wind pressure can be evenly distributed throughout the door. The wind resistance performance is much higher than that of ordinary roller shutter fast roller shutter doors, especially suitable for installation in Logistics channels and large-scale openings.

The structural characteristics of SEPPES wind resistant accumulation type fast door:

1. Frame system: The main material is made of cold-rolled steel sheet or stainless steel profile laser components.

2. Door curtain system: mainly composed of PVC base fabric or aluminum alloy and cylindrical steel pipe wind-resistant rod profile.

3. Drive motor system: mainly composed of brake pads, motors and reducers.

4. Control system: The current industry’s advanced integrated control circuit board is adopted. The control system adopted by domestic enterprises is mostly PLC/frequency converter/encoder.

5. Safety system: mainly infrared electric eye switch, safety air pressure sensor (some companies with high mechanical precision and high stability control system use safety contact belt) or light curtain system.

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