The high-speed cold storage door is a kind of PVC insulation door produced by Seppes Door Industry (suzhou) Co., Ltd.. It is mainly used in the cold storage and cold storage rooms of food, seafood and other factories. SEPPES’s newly designed door has one of the biggest features, that is, in the cold storage room at minus 40 degrees, the door can operate normally at a high speed, and it can also prevent freezing and stop operation. Today I will briefly explain our high-speed cold storage door for minus 40 degrees.

Because Seppes Door Industry (suzhou) Co., Ltd. spends a lot of time to research and test thousands of experiments on heat-preserving high-speed doors. Finally, our high-speed cold storage door has the following features, and it also meets the conditions for use in a freezing room at minus 40 degrees.

  1. Three-layer sandwich design of the door curtain: the inner and outer layers are made of 0.9mm thick pvc tear-resistant material, the middle layer is filled with insulation cotton, and the thickness is less than 20-30mm. The curtain of the high-speed cold storage door adopts a folding structure to allow the air inside the curtain to form The circulating convection mode also reduces the gap between the door curtains, thereby blocking the entry of external air and the loss of internal air to a certain extent, and has a good thermal insulation effect.
  2. Adopting zipper seal: The curtain is embedded in the plastic rails on both sides of the door, and the zipper and the guide rail form a whole, which greatly strengthens the airtightness of the high-speed cold storage door. It can effectively block the air in and out, and can maintain the pressure difference between indoor and outdoor, and can maintain the temperature well.
  3. Two intimate anti-freezing designs: 1. In order to prevent low-temperature freezing and freezing the door, we install a heating tape on the door. 2. We match the door with an intelligent anti-freeze micro-motion program. To avoid further icing, the door will move up and down slightly every once in a while, about 5mm, only moving, the unformed water droplets or ice slag on the door curtain will be shaken off. The time interval can be adjusted according to customer needs. The cold storage with lower temperature will freeze faster, and the set time interval can be shorter.
  4. Adopt high-IP protection level electrical components: facing the cold storage environment with ultra-high humidity, electrical components are easy to short-circuit and malfunction. Due to the large amount of moisture in the cold storage, all electrical components with high IP protection level are Xilangmen Special and must match.
  5. Double-axis high-speed operation: 1.2m/s-1.5m/s or more, running up to 3000 times a day, not only to meet the busy logistics channel, but also to prevent the door curtain from freezing and maintain the temperature.
    Because our high-speed door is the latest and unique design, it is very popular with many cold chain food factories and has been exported to France, Britain, Chile, Jordan, Thailand, Philippines, Switzerland and other countries. If your cold storage room and cold storage room need doors, but also need heat preservation and quick opening, you may try our high-speed cold storage door, thank you!

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