The high-speed zipper workshop door has anti-collision, automatic reset functions, high speed, high sealing, and low noise. The zipper fast door adopts a fully soft door body without any metal objects, which effectively ensures the safety of pedestrians and objects. The project adopts imported Sichuan inverter system, which has the advantages of mature and high reliability. It displays operating status and fault code, which is convenient for use and subsequent maintenance. Qiqihar high-speed zipper workshop door can set the height of the curtain arbitrarily to speed up the effective movement speed of the curtain.

high speed door

The performance characteristics of the zipper partition fast door:

1. Control system: German Philippe brand motor, with fast speed and high stability. Under the premise of reducing energy consumption and maintaining the original indoor temperature and cleanliness, it provides efficient logistics export, with easy operation and low maintenance cost. , High performance and other characteristics, the test life is more than 1 million times. The control box is IP54 dustproof and waterproof, and the intelligent screen displays the running status and number of operations of the door in real time. The fault appears in digital form, which is convenient for maintenance.

2. Safety protection: At the beginning of the design of the zipper fast door, taking into account the safety of personnel and equipment, the curtain part has no hard parts. The control box is equipped with an emergency stop button, and the bottom of the door curtain is equipped with an airbag. When the door body descends, it will rise in the opposite direction when encountering obstacles. When there is an object, the safety photoelectric sensor on both sides will also prevent the curtain from falling.

3. Fast opening and closing: The opening speed of the zipper fast door can reach 0.6-1.2m/s, and the optional servo motor can reach 2.0m/s. The number of openings per day is 500-800, which meets the needs of frequent visits to the workshop.

4. Self-repair function: There is an anti-collision reset device on both sides of the track. When the door curtain is impacted and misaligned, no external force is required. The next operating cycle can automatically reset, reducing the maintenance time of the fast rolling door and saving repair costs .

5. High airtightness: The door curtain adopts zipper type sealing structure on both sides of the curtain, which has better airtightness and higher cleanliness than ordinary brush type, and it will not produce dust due to wear and tear for long-term operation.

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