high speed door

During equipment casting production, splashing waste slag, sparks and noise are often generated. This is a dangerous hidden danger to the safety of personnel and equipment production. This calls for a protected product suitable for use in industrial environments. It can improve the safety of operation, isolate noise, and make the process of producing casting equipment smooth. The safety protection high speed door can solve this problem and provide a safer guarantee for the operation of the production workshop.

high speed door

High Speed Door for Improved Safety in Foundry Equipment Workshop

Rapid Isolation of High Speed Door

High speed door can effectively isolate the staff from the dangerous area. And it prevents the dross generated by the casting from splashing. The opening and closing speed can reach up to 2 m/s, which can quickly close the workshop in an emergency to prevent the spread of danger. Isolate the danger and ensure the safety of the operator.


The safety protection device is equipped with safety photoelectric as standard, and can also be equipped with light curtain and safety bottom edge. Ensure the safety of people entering and leaving. Also safety device can automatically sense the approach of people and objects to avoid people being pinched.

Keep Clean and Sound Insulation

With excellent sealing performance, it can prevent the dust and odor from spreading during production. In particular, the specially made thickened door curtain can prevent electric arcs and isolate the noise generated by casting equipment. Provide a clean and safe working environment and improve staff efficiency.

Remote Control

The fast door is equipped with multiple expansion ports, which can be linked with equipment. Through remote control or remote operation of the control panel, the operator does not need direct contact, which further improves safety.

high speed door

Safety protection high speed door can isolate the workshop, ensure safety, prevent pollution and remote linkage. It is an important equipment to ensure the production safety of casting equipment. In order to ensure the production safety of the enterprise factory and the high standard of the production environment. Not only safety protection fast doors are needed, but also regular safety training and equipment maintenance of the enterprise factory are required.

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