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Recently, the foreign trade partners of SEPPES Industry received some inquiries from Israeli customers and found that the country and government of Israel attach great importance to environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. Many customers have transformed their production workshops and installed fast doors that can save energy.

 fast door

Israel is located at the junction of the Asian and European continents, and has been the meeting point of all ethnic groups since ancient times. Is a sovereign country in the Middle East.

The Israeli economy has close relations with the European and American economies, and is the only developed country in the Middle East. The per capita GDP is as high as 30,000 US dollars, ranking among the top 30 in the world. Israel’s high-tech industries are world-renowned, with advanced technologies in the fields of military, science and technology, electronics, communications, computer software, medical equipment, biotechnology, food manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, and aviation.

So which venues are suitable for installing fast doors? Including food factories, pharmaceutical production, chemical manufacturing, precision manufacturing and other factories are very suitable for installing fast doors. The production workshop of the food factory requires a high level of cleanliness. Ordinary doors cannot guarantee dust isolation. Our fast door speed can reach 1.2m/s, which can maximize dust isolation and ensure the cleanliness of the production workshop.

Of course, apart from Israel, we can also cooperate with other countries and regions.

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