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As the demand for new energy vehicles increases, car factories are challenged with maintaining high production efficiency while ensuring a clean working environment. One solution to this problem is to install a high-speed overhead door at the workshop entrance and exit.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of installing a high speed overhead door in your car factory and how it can help improve your production capacity and pass rate. We will also introduce the SEPPES brand, a domestic brand known for its high-quality fast doors that are widely used in the automobile industry.

high speed overhead door

Benefits of High Speed Overhead Doors in Car Factories

Sealed and Clean Working Environment

A PVC high speed door can help keep the working environment sealed and clean. Excessive humidity and dust in the air can affect the pass rate of the entire car production. With a high-speed overhead door, these issues can be eliminated, providing a dust-proof and constant humidity environment while also reducing internal noise levels.

Improved Traffic Efficiency

Car production workshops have frequent traffic flow, but opening the door frequently is not an option. High-speed overhead doors can address this problem by opening and closing quickly, reducing waiting time, and minimizing external humidity intrusion. This not only improves traffic efficiency but also ensures internal environmental requirements are maintained.

Convenient Traffic Requirements

Forklifts are commonly used in car factories, and a high-speed overhead door can make traffic flow more convenient. SEPPES brand doors can be equipped with radar and geomagnetic switch functions, making them easy to sense by both people and vehicles. The entire process is automatic, making it easy to pass through.

SEPPES Brand High-Speed Overhead Doors for Car Factories

SEPPES is a domestic brand known for its high-quality fast doors that are widely used in the automobile industry. Volkswagen, Geely, Foton, Dongfeng, and other leading car brands have chosen SEPPES brand doors as their designated doors for workshops.

SEPPES brand doors are known for their fast opening and closing speeds, reliable operation, and customizable design options. With SEPPES brand high-speed overhead doors, car factories can increase their production capacity, improve their pass rate, and maintain a clean working environment.


Installing a high speed door in your car factory is an effective way to improve production efficiency and maintain a clean working environment. SEPPES brand doors are a reliable and customizable option that can help car factories meet their traffic and cleanliness requirements. Contact SEPPES today to learn more about their high-speed overhead doors and how they can benefit your car factory.

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