High Speed Protection Door

The fast door with transparent curtain is suitable for use as an outer door and an inner door. The 3mm-thick fully transparent curtain can let more light into the room to meet the requirements of better lighting and create a more pleasant working environment for you. The fully transparent curtain can also provide you with a brighter and wider field of vision, allowing you to see the scenery on the opposite side.

The fast doors and high-speed doors installed in the internal passage are specially designed for the narrow logistics passage. The built-in motor does not occupy the installation space and meets the needs of special venues. The door curtain is composed of lighter fabrics and aluminum wind-resistant ribs. It has a fast lifting speed, safety and reliability, easy access, insect-proof and dust-proof.

Fast PVC Protection Door

The following are the functions of high speed protection door

  • safe and reliable: the fast rolling door can open the whole passage in an instant, so that the driver can see the transportation channel completely, thus avoiding the occurrence of collision.
  •  Rugged and durable: The fully transparent door body is equipped with horizontal metal reinforcing ribs, which has good visual effects. The sealing brush has a wind-shielding function.
  • Door opening method: Provide you with a variety of manual and electric control methods, such as electric buttons, manual drawstrings, geomagnetic induction, infrared microwave induction, etc., to meet the user’s requirements for door opening and closing methods.

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