The airtightness of rapid roll up door and windows refers to the amount of air permeability per unit opening seam length or unit area of doors and windows. It assesses the ability of doors and windows to prevent air infiltration when they are closed. The airtightness of doors and windows has a greater impact on heat loss. The better the airtightness, the less heat exchange and the impact on room temperature. Also smaller. Therefore, improving the air-tightness of doors and windows is the key to energy-saving doors and windows. Our SEPPES zipper high speed door has good sealing, dustproof, insectproof, fast lifting and many other excellent properties.

zipper high speed door

The advantages of zipper fabric roll up door exported to the United States:

1. Efficient self-repair function: each zipper-type rapid doors is equipped with, when the door is hit, there is no need for any manual restoration, the door can be automatically repaired, which can improve the production efficiency of the factory and reduce the maintenance cost of the door.

2. High-strength airtightness: The door does not choose the traditional blade and brush sealing system. The close combination of the zipper and the guide rail of this zipper-type rapid roller shutter doors completely eliminates the generation of gaps, realizing a true seal and eliminating The inflow and outflow of air reduces heat loss and achieves energy saving.

3. Good safety performance: The door body adopts a safety soft bottom beam. When the door body is operating at high speed, the rolling door produced by Shanghai Express Door Factory can ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, and ensure the safety of vehicles and goods.

4. Very high service life: the curtain adopts PVC coated wear-resistant base fabric, the opening speed of the variable frequency motor of the door can reach 2.5m/s, and the normal opening speed of ordinary fast doors is generally 2.0m/s. The door is oil-free The track allows the maximum wind resistance of the door body to reach 120km/h, and the operating life is up to 1.5 million times.

zippr fast door

The technical parameters of the zipper high speed rolling door exported to the United States:

1. Appearance: Meet 6063-T6 standard, stainless steel doorpost and door cover, and cold rolled steel plate electrostatic spray door frame 140×150mm, cold rolled plate electrostatic spray door cover. .

2. Power performance: German SEW brake brake motor, power 0.75-1.5KW, power supply 220V/380V, brake voltage 220V.

3. Control system: imported microcomputer frequency conversion control electric box.

4. Control voltage: safe low voltage 24VDC.

5. Opening speed: open 0.8-1.5m/sec/close 0.6-1.2m/sec (speed adjustable).

6. Door curtain material: imported high-density polyester fiber surface coating treatment, thickness 0.8mm-1.5mm, various colors for choice.

7. Tensile strength: 5700/5100N/5cm, tear strength 900/80N.

8. Fire rating: European standard MZD/NBL is non-flammable.

9. Operating temperature: -10℃+70℃/super cold resistant area -40℃.

10. Transparent window: imported PVC transparent crystal soft board, thickness 2.0mm, rectangular or oval.

11. Wind-resistant material: aluminum alloy wind-resistant ribs, connected in sections, easy to replace.

12. Wind resistance: 9m/s (50Pa standard 3×3).

13. Sealing performance: The U-shaped air bag cloth pocket at the bottom of the curtain can be closely attached to the uneven ground, and the double-sided sealing top of the door frame is dust-proof and insect-proof.

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