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Waterjet cutting is an affordable and widely-used cutting method, but it can also pose safety hazards if not operated properly. Installing a high speed roller shutter in the waterjet cutting equipment room can prevent accidents from happening. In this article, we’ll discuss how a fast roller shutter can solve safety protection problems between waterjet cutting equipment and why it’s important for your enterprise.

high speed roller shutter

High Speed Roller Shutter Equipped with safety protection devices

One of the most important features of a high speed roller door is its safety protection devices. It comes with standard infrared photoelectric protection and optional safety bottom edge airbags, safety light curtains, and more. If an obstacle is detected under the door curtain, it will lift the door to prevent people from getting injured while transporting parts that need to be cut.

Blocking the internal and external environment

A speed roller shutter can seal the track with brushes to block the internal and external environment. This prevents cutting parts from splashing out during the water cutting process, causing harm to operators. Additionally, a transparent window allows for easy observation of the internal situation. This feature allows staff to identify any equipment failure during the cutting process and stop the machine immediately, improving work safety.

Thickened curtain for enhanced safety

The curtain of the high speed roller shutter is thickened by 2.0mm, preventing flying parts from scratching the curtain during the working process. This enhancement adds an extra layer of safety, making it applicable not just to waterjet cutting rooms but also robot arm equipment rooms and auto parts workshops.

high speed roller shutter

In conclusion, a high speed roller shutter is an effective solution for preventing accidents and ensuring safety in waterjet cutting equipment rooms. Equipped with safety protection devices, it blocks the internal and external environment, and comes with a thickened curtain for enhanced safety. Install one in your enterprise today to guarantee safety in the workshop.

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