Japanese ramen is one of the best delicacies in the world. As more and more people love it, ramen noodles have gradually become industrially standardized production from the original handmade production, which is healthy, hygienic and fast and convenient to eat. For the ramen processing plant, the internal environmental sanitation of the plant is of high standards and requirements. The High speed rolling shutter door produced by SEPPES is very suitable for ramen processing factories.

high speed door

The high-speed door is an industrial door, which is often used inside the factory to improve the environment, reduce energy loss and reduce costs. It can be opened more than 800 times a day, can be used frequently, and runs at an opening speed of 1.2m/s, which can relieve the heavy traffic pressure of the ramen factory.

janpanese customer

The ramen factory is a food factory, so dust-free, pollution-free and high-cleanliness are its basic requirements. If you need to install SEPPES high-speed rolling door in its factory, it is recommended to choose stainless steel door frame high-speed door. The door frame is not easy to rust, pollution-free and moisture-proof, it is most suitable for installation in food factories such as ramen processing factories. And SEPPES pvc fast door has a unique point, choose brightly colored curtains (bright yellow, bright blue, bright red, etc.), which can have a good anti-mosquito effect in summer.

Japan is a developed country and has a very complete industrial production system. In recent years, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, more and more factories are in a state of shutdown. Only China has resumed work and factories, which can meet the strong needs of various countries. At the same time, the status of Made in China in the international arena is becoming more and more important. Products produced in China have also been recognized by many countries. More and more countries are looking for Chinese factories to produce the high quality they want for them. product. Therefore, because our 304SS high-speed door design completely meets the needs of the ramen factory for Japanese customers, we finally got the opportunity to cooperate with the Japanese factory this time and the Japanese ramen processing factory.

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