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With the development of modern manufacturing industry, the workshop and warehouse of many enterprises have implemented semi-automatic operation. Through the linkage between the conveyor belt and the high speed shutter PVC door, the goods can flow to the door body relying on the conveyor belt, and open high speed shutter PVC door by sending signals. So that the goods can pass through without personnel operation. In this way, the fast door can be opened and closed automatically to realize automatic operation. So the use of conveyor belt linkage high speed shutter PVC door can reduce the labor cost of enterprises. For actually, many enterprises choose to install PVC fast doors on the conveyor belt.

high speed shutter PVC door
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The Necessity to install High Speed Shutter PVC Door linkage Conveyor Belt

Improve efficiency

It is necessary to install a fast door on the conveyor belt. Because the warehouse material is more, and more complex and heavy. The number of forklift truck handling goods is limited, the need for frequent transportation, very inconvenient. And the conveyor belt linkage fast door can achieve high efficiency. Put the goods on the conveyor belt, open the curtains automatically. Finally deliver the product in just a few seconds. Don’t need frequent back and forth handling, greatly improve the work efficiency.

Reduce pollution caused by air convection 

On account of sides of high speed door brush and integrated door head box structure, with good sealing. It can isolate dust, effectively reduce air cross pollution.


The infrared safety photoelectric system can identify the goods under the curtain in time. Then it can stop curtain falling immediately to protect the goods from damage.

High Speed Shutter PVC Door Linkage Conveyor Belt related cases

IKEA, as a multinational household goods retailer from Sweden, is distributed in many countries around the world, selling flat packaging furniture, accessories and kitchen supplies, and has become the world’s largest furniture retailer. In 2021, IKEA chose SEPPES to install the fast doors on the conveyor belt. This is not the first time IKEA and SEPPES have collaborated with each other several times. Ikea has chosen SEPPES several times, which shows its recognition of SEPPES ‘services and products.

High speed shutter PVC door can be quickly and frequently closed, safety system and good sealing, is the most suitable for application in the conveyor belt. I would like to recommend a brand SEPPES to you. It has rich experience in the installation of conveyor belt linkage fast door. It has a number of product patent technologies and EU CE certification, and its products are supplied to IKEA, Akzonobel and other Fortune 500 enterprises.

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