high speed spiral door

With the rapid development of modern network, logistics has become an inseparable part of people’s life. Efficient logistics shipment is very important, and it is a key link in the transportation of logistics enterprises. To improve the safety and efficiency of logistics outlets, many companies have chosen hard fast doors as the doors for logistics outlets. This article will introduce the importance of high speed spiral door with double-sided radar sensors to the logistics outlets management.

high speed spiral door

Application of Double-sided Radar Sensing Technology in Logistics Outlet

Automated Operation

Double-sided radar sensing technology can realize automatic operation and facilitate logistics and shipment. When the transport vehicles and staff are close to the delivery port, the sensor will detect immediately and automatically open. Then it can facilitate the entry and exit of vehicles and personnel.

Improve Efficiency

The high speed door has the characteristics of fast opening and closing. Reduce the waiting time of personnel and vehicles, improve the efficiency of goods delivery, and speed up the arrival time of logistics.

Widely Applicable

The fast door can be customized according to the size of the logistics outlet. At the same time, different opening methods can be selected, such as geomagnetic, radar, pull rope, access card, remote control, etc. Based on the actual needs of the enterprise, choose the functions that suit you.


The safety device is equipped with infrared safety photoelectric as standard. It senses that there are people and vehicles passing under the curtain, and it will stop the curtain from descending in time. In addition, safety bottom edges and light curtain protection are available as an option. Increase security and protect the safety of staff and goods.

high speed spiral door

The application of the double-sided radar sensing technology of high speed spiral door to the logistics outlet has brought important changes. It improves logistics automation operations and shipping efficiency, and reduces energy consumption and labor costs of enterprises. In the increasingly fierce competition in the logistics industry, the installation of hard fast doors with double-sided radar sensing technology can improve the competitiveness of logistics companies in the industry.

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