The high speed spiral door is a new type of metal fast door with functions such as anti-theft, thermal insulation, moisture-proof and sound insulation. It is easy to operate and has strong reliability, practicability and long service life. The high speed spiral door panel is double-layer aluminum alloy plate through one-time composite molding of the assembly line. And the track has a more comprehensive protection system (such as infrared safety protection system, airbag design, etc.). The high speed spiral door adopts the turbine track, the door body is more stable and high-speed in operation, and there is little noise.

  1. Daily cleaning and maintenance of this door is very important. Use a mild detergent to clean the door panel and accessories of it, and then use a soft rag to dry the water stains. Keep the surface dry and clean to avoid rust and corrosion affecting the normal use of this door.
  2. Use a clean and soft cloth to clean the digital panel and display panel. It is necessary to sprinkle water on the cleaning cloth. It is forbidden to sprinkle water directly on the surface of the door machine. Cleaning Ensure even humidity on the surface of the high speed spiral door, then dry with a soft cloth.
  3. Regular inspection and maintenance of high speed spiral doors. It is necessary to clean up dust with a vacuum cleaner once or twice a year. Check the operation of accessories and whether they are loose. Timely inspection and replacement can help prolong the service life of high speed spiral doors.
  4. Clean the rubber sealing strip of the high speed spiral door. Long-term dust accumulation may cause the door to fail to close and affect the operation efficiency of the hard high-speed door. Use a milder cleaning product to wipe dust particles from the seal. Then dry the surface with a clean soft cloth, or use a small cloth wrapped around a wooden stick to clean the grooved gaps.

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