The main problem of the garbage dump is that the smell is too bad, so a door with high airtightness is needed to seal the smell. At this time, the high speed stacking door with excellent airtightness is the first choice, which not only prevents dust and foreign objects, but also can reduce the smell. Isolation does not affect the surrounding environment.

The garbage station has vehicles coming in and out almost uninterrupted every day, but the garbage in the station will inevitably produce a greater meaning and may also cause secondary pollution to the outside. The pvc curtain material of the high speed stacking door is made of high-density weaving. The cloth composition and low air tightness can prevent the smell in the garbage station from spreading out.

At the same time, the high-speed operation of the high speed stacking doors, so that each vehicle entering and exiting can be reduced to within 10 seconds, which not only ensures that the smell cannot be transmitted, and the garbage in the station does not cause secondary pollution to the outside, reducing the difficulty and processing cost.

High speed stacking door doors also have the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, which can realize the diversion of people and vehicles, half-driving people and full-opening cars after passing, so that the garbage station reduces energy loss. The material is made of PVC. Metal rolling shutters that are not usually used can prevent problems such as odor and rust under high temperature and pollution.

The era of environmental protection has come, and Seppes Door Industry is also strictly checking the process of producing and manufacturing high speed stacking doors for garbage dumps, putting environmental protection into practice, and helping to make a contribution to the realization of a green city.

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