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Packaging is an important and huge industry. But it does not exist independently, but is closely related to other industries. Such as food and beverage and personal care; medicine, chemical industry, etc. The UK packaging industry plays an important role in both light and heavy industry. British packaging companies account for 3.3% of the world total and 13% in Europe. Annual consumption of packaging materials in the UK is 9.6 million tonnes. The per capita consumption of packaging materials in the UK is lower than that of European countries, but it also accounts for 5% of the production industry. 70%-80% of packaging materials are used for light industrial consumption, and the rest are used in industries, such as large-scale chemicals, machinery, agriculture and other industries. Therefore, both the production of packaging materials and packaging machinery exist in large numbers in the UK. This has also prompted the use and popularization of the related industrial products, high speed warehouse doors.

high speed warehouse doors

It is very necessary to install high speed warehouse doors in the packaging workshop. Due to the large amount of materials in the packaging workshop, which are complex and heavy, forklift trucks are required for transportation. Forklifts need to be efficient and fast to commute in the workshop. This is a high speed warehouse door installed with radar sensing and automatic opening, which can solve this problem very well. When a forklift loaded with packaging materials drives to the door, the door will be sensed and automatically opened, and the fast passage can be completed in only 10 seconds without waiting. At the same time, the fast rolling shutter door equipped with safety photoelectricity can ensure the safety of passers-by. This is why more and more UK packaging companies are choosing to install high speed warehouse doors inside their workshops.

high speed warehouse doors

Recently, SEPPES has successfully reached a cooperation with the international flexible packaging giant Amcor, which installed SEPPES high-speed doors in the workshop channel of the production base. Amcor is a packaging company that develops and produces various packaging. It is a well-known enterprise in the packaging industry. Choosing the installation of SEPPES high-speed doors can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise and reduce the burden on the staff. In the future, China SEPPES will also continue to serve more packaging production companies.

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